Service of Forming Machines since 1996

SeTT spol. s r.o. was established in 1995. The company specializes in the repair of forming machines, including forging presses, shearing machines, calibration presses, and forging hammers. Its core team consists of professionals with extensive experience in the field of forming technology.

SeTT spol. s r.o.

conducts service and repairs of presses, including major overhauls not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad, particularly in Italy, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, China, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, Argentina, and other countries.

We offer repairs, servicing, and major overhauls of presses from a wide range of manufacturers:

  • Czech-made presses
  • Slovak-made presses
  • Russian-made presses
  • Polish-made presses
  • German-made presses
  • as well as presses from other manufacturers

Additionally, we offer the supply of spare parts, such as sliding and rolling bearings, various types of linings, sealing elements, pressure hoses, lubricating, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems.


Company headquarters:

Tuřanka 111e


627 00